Thy Whisky No. 19 - PX
Facts about this release

Organic single cask, cask strengh

It was a day to remember, five years ago, as our first 500-liter PX sherry butt was filled with our cara-malt new make. Here it is. One single cask bottled at cask strength in its full intensity

Key Facts
TYPE: Single malt
GRAIN: Evergreen and Propino barley
MALT: Pale and Caramel malt
CASK: 1st fill PX Butt
GROWN BY: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DISTILLED: February 2019
BOTTLED: May 2022
AGE: 5 years
Bottles: 696 pcs.
VOLUME: 50 cl
Gold winner at the World Whisky Awards

This Single cask whisky became a Gold Winner at the World Whisky Awards 2023. The Jury said: "An intense, rye-like nose opens with tangerine oil, plums and a herbal quality. On the palate, oily barley gives way to prunes and treacly dried fruit. The finish offers a pot-pourri spice with a tiny wisp of sulphur".

70%: Evergreen, harvested in 2016
30%: Propino, harvested in 2013
Malt and SMoke
70% Pale malt
30% Caramel malt
Water and Fermentation
WATER: Groundwater from Gyrup Estate
YEAST: Safspirit
Fermentation time: 7-18 days
63: 500 litre PX sherry butt, filled 28 September 2016
Destillationsapparat: 500 liter Müller
Destillationsbatch: Thy Whisky.øko.140916
696 Bottles
Type: Limited Edition
Markets: Denmark, Germany
Release date:

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