Become a co-owner of a Thy Whisky cask and create your very own organic Danish single malt. Join us as we fill the cask, follow its maturation, and enjoy the result with your very own bottles of Thy Whisky.


We offer new casks as cask shares twice a year, filling them at cask owners events in January and September.

We set an expected ageing time based on the type of new make as well as the type and size of the casks. You'll be invited to four cask owners events along the way, where we'll get to taste your cask.


Do you live in Germany and find it difficult to attend cask owners events at the distillery in Thy?

We invite you, instead, to buy a share in one of our 'German' casks, and participate in the annual cask owners events in selected German cities. The finished bottles will be delivered to you in Germany. The concept and price are the same. New 'German' casks are filled once a year.

German Casks


When you buy your own cask, you can choose the cask type and size, the type of new make and the intended age.

You can arrange visits throughout the ageing process, and ultimately it's you who decides when the whisky is ready and whether we should bottle the whisky at cask strength or at a lower alcohol volume.

It really will be your very own whisky!

Private casks

Each share gives free access to our exclusive cask owners events.

A total of four times during the aging process, we invite you to spend a day taking a deep dive into the world of whisky.

You'll meet other cask owners, we'll taste and evaluate the maturation of your cask, and enjoy both samples from our warehouse and some of our latest whiskies. We always look forward to our cask owners events.

NEW MAKE: E.g. 6 litres organic new make at 59.5-63.5 % vol.
CERTIFICATE: Issued for each share after the cask is filled.
CASK SAMPLES: Three cask samples during the ageing process, which you can pick up at the distillery.
CASK OWNERS EVENTS: Free admission for 2 to the cask owners events.
STORAGE: E.g. for 5 years (depending on cask).
BOTTLING: We bottle the finished whisky at cask strength.
DELIVERY: Free delivery of the finished whisky to your address in Denmark.
OTHER: Insurance, taxes and VAT are included. No additional costs.
The Finished bottles

Each cask ends up as a unique single cask bottling of Thy Whisky
- always bottled at cask strength.

The fully matured whisky is bottled in Thy Whisky bottles with a unique green label for each cask.

The label features all the information about your whisky's origin. Where the grain for the whisky was grown, which malt was used, which cask was used and when it was filled, bottled etc. So you always have the documentation for your personal Thy Whisky at hand