Limited Edtions & Single Casks

Ever since filling our first casks in 2010, we have been working to explore what single estate whisky can be. During the first 14 years, we developed a whole range of new make profiles inspired by our terroir and Danish traditions, bottling 24 different expressions of whisky in our inaugural numbered-series released from 2014-2024. 

Each of them showcased how careful grain selection and insisting on full in-house production of whisky from field to glass can create unique quality in whisky. 

Many of these experiments are now resting in our warehouse, waiting to become future vintages of Thy Whisky: As limited editions, single casks, vintage bottlings or experimental vattings. Our goal is set to keep exploring what a Danish single estate whisky can be. 

Keep an eye out for these bottles for the chance to explore Danish heritage barley varieties, local peat, caramel malts, mixed grain mashbills, experimental casks i.e.

Limited Editions and Single Casks are sold either as distillery only bottlings or in our online shop and through good whisky shops, depending on availability.

First bottlings of the new series:

A vatting of intense PX sherry casks layered with aromas of raisins, earthy complexity and a rich oily mouth feel with a hint of warming beechwood smoke.
TYPE: Single malt whisky
GRAIN: Odyssey barley
MALT: Pale and beechwood smoked malt
CASK: 1st fill PX
VOLUME: 700 ml
ALCOHOL: 58,3 % vol
NUMBER: 636 stk
RELEASE: 31. maj 2024
Cask 376
A single cask of smooth, fruity sweet and spicy heritage wheat whisky made from malted rye, barley, emmer and spelt, and unmalted øland wheat.
TYPE: Wheat Whisky
GRAIN: Emmer, spelt, øland, rye and byg.
CASK: New american oak
VOLUME: 700 ml
ALCOHOL: 50,0 % vol
NUMBER: 78 stk
RELEASE: 22. juni 2024
Cask 1260
A single bourbon barrel of beechwood smoked whisky, refilled from two smaller casks. Aromas of juicy pina colada, spruce tips, warm smoke and toasted oak.
TYPE: Single malt whisky
MALT: Beechwood smoked
CASK: Bourbon barrel
VOLUME: 700 ml
ALCOHOL: 58,9 % vol
NUMBER: 192 stk
RELEASE: 22. juni 2024
Cask 149-2
A single cask of heritage barley single malt. Sweet with dried fruits, spices and vanilla on top of the smooth grain and citrus base from Imperial barley.
TYPE: Single malt whisky
MALT: Imperial Heritage malt
CASK: 2nd fill PX octave
VOLUME: 700 ml
ALCOHOL: 57,9 % vol
NUMBER: 58 stk
RELEASE: 22. juni 2024