Thy Whisky Society - Cask 778

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Special bottling for Thy Whisky Society. The old barley variety Imperial, double sherry cask-aged on first seasoned PX octaves or then an Oloroso Hogshead.

TYPE: Single malt whisky
Grain: Imperial barley and Odyssey barley
MALT: Imperial and Pale Malt
CASK: Oloroso and PX-seasoned
Grown by: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DESTILLED: sep 2019
Number of bottles: 93 stk
Double sherry cask matured and heritage Imperial Barley

This bottle, bottled at cask strength, is the result of a double sherry cask aging. New make created on our herirtage imperial barley was poured into two small seasoned PX sherry casks in 2019. After just over a year, the sherry intensity had, in our opinion, reached its maximum and the whiskey was transformed into a slightly less active oloroso hogshead. The result is sweet and intense with aromas of strawberry jam, blackcurrant, vanilla, lemon peel and raisins.


This whisky is made from 100% organic grain grown on our farm Gyrup. Both the farm and the distillery are certified organic to ensure clean drinking water and good animal welfare.

Thy Whisky Society

The Thy Whisky Society group is on Facebook. The group is established in Denmark, Germany and The Neatherlands.

Everyone who is interested in Thy Whisky gathers here. Once a year we arrange a special tasting for the group's members at the Distillery in Denmark. A tasting where the focus is on the geekier, special casks and where the group members can give feedback directly to us, here at the distillery.

The Sweet PX

The casks for the whisky have previously been used for the sweet Spanish PX sherry made from sun-dried grapes. When PX is of good quality, the casks emit both deep raisin sweetness and fruitiness and a hint of chocolate and coffee. Sometimes also a balanced amount of warm vanilla and light acidity from the oak depending on the age of the cask.

Some of what makes this whisky so special is

70%: Imperial barley, Gyrup, høst 2018
30%: Odyssey barley, Gyrup, høst 2018
Malt and SMOKE
70%: Imperial malt
30%: Pale malt
Smoke intensity: none
WATER: Grundwater from Gyrup
YEAST: M1 Distillers Yeast
Destillation Apparatus: Müller 1000 liters
Destillation type: Single distillation
Destillation batch: 2019-16
CASK 778: 2nd fill 200 liter Oloroso, filled 1-12-2021
Before that.: 331, 64 liter seasoned PX, filled 30-09-2019
332, 64 liter seasoned PX, filled 30-09-2019
Type: Private bottling
Markets: Private bottling

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