Our core expressions embody the essence of our organic single estate distillery. They are drams that we love and are proud to share with good friends. They are whiskies born from Thy Distillery’s local terroir that showcase the merits of our uncompromising single estate philosophy for making whisky. 

Our core expressions are available at good whisky shops, bars and restaurants in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden
and The United Kingdom as well as online at

The essence of Thy,expressing our farm distillery style of single malt whisky. Matured in oloroso, PX and bourbon casks. A balanced sweet, rich, fruity and malty whisky.
TYPE: Single malt whisky
GRAIN: Odyssey barley
MALT: Pale malt, beechwood smoked malt
CASK: Oloroso, PX, Bourbon

VOLUMEN: 700 ml
ALKOHOL: 50,0 % vol
Bøg takes its name and flavor from our distinctly Danish beechwood smoke. Matured in oloroso and PX sherry casks. A pleasantly smoky, deep, rich and fruity whisky.
TYPE: Single malt whisky
GRAIN: Odyssey barley
MALT: Beechwood smoked
CASK: Oloroso, PX

VOLUME: 700 ml
ALCOHOL: 50,0 % vol
Spelt-Rye is made with malted spelt, rye and barley, which all play a part in our organic crop rotation. Matured in new American oak casks. Our elegant, sweet, spicy and floral interpretation of a Nordic rye whisky.
TYPE: Malted Rye Whisky
GRAIN: Malted rye, spelt and barley
CASK: New american oak

VOLUME: 700 ml
ALCOHOL: 48,5 % vol