Thy Whisky no 23 - Hawboen

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“Hawboen” is a fruity, delicate and lightly smoked bourbon cask aged single malt whisky made from select 3-6 year old bourbon casks.

Dedicate this bottle to 'hawboerne' – the sea dwellers in Thy, who has been living and fishing of the stormy North Sea coast for generations.

CATEGORI: Limited Edition
TYPE: Single Malt Whisky
Grain: Odyssey barley
MALT: Pale malt, beechwood smoked malt
Cask: Bourbon
Grown by: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DISTILLED: 2016 – 2020
Number of bottles: 1320 stk
Pure bourbon cask matured

“Hawboen” is a fruity, delicate and lightly smoked bourbon cask aged single malt whisky. It has aromas of vanilla, citrus, cream caramel, roasted coconut, oak spice, fresh beech sap, a light warming smoke, and a hint of something maritime and salty. It seemed appropriate to dedicate this bottle to hawboerne – the sea dwellers in Thy, who has been living and fishing of the stormy North Sea coast for generations.

We bottled the whisky at 51,5 % vol., where the whisky is balanced between strength, intensity, softness, and aroma. Apart from a few single casks, “Hawboen” is our first purely bourbon cask aged whisky since 2016. It will be the second last bottle in our inaugural series (1-24), which we will finish in 2024, 10 years after our first release.

Certified Organic

This whisky is made from 100% certified organic grains grown on our estate, Gyrup. Both the farm and the distillery are certified organic to ensure pure drinking water and good animal welfare.

Second to last

Our first cask was bottled in January 2014 as our first bottle of single malt: "Thy Whisky No 1 - Kræn Klit". Since then, we have released 23 numbered bottlings of Thy Whisky.

The initial numbered series is our playground and test-lab. It contains bottlings from single casks and multiple casks, at cask strength and lower alcohol volumes, bottlings with many and few bottles. One-offs and repetitions. Heritage and modern grain varieties – and most recently this bourbon matured Hawboen.

It has been the formative series for creating our distillery profile and sets the foundation for what Thy Whisky is today. The series is not yet complete, but we are ready to reveal that Thy Whisky no 21-24 will be the last four bottles in the series. Thy Whisky no 24 will be bottled in 2024 – the 10th year anniversary of the first Thy Whisky.

Bourbon casks and beechwood smoke

We source our bourbon casks from Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky, US. They add a mild fruity note and vanilla sweetness to the whisky without dominating and taking the focus away from the grain and the beechsmoked malt.

In this bottling, both 3-year-old quarter casks, a single octave and 5-6 year-old whiskey from the larger bourbon barrels are in the mix. Making whisky in bourbon barrels is a work of patience, but the casks pay off in a beautiful fruity sweetness when the tannins from the oak are quietly oxidized.

Some of what makes this whisky so special is

100 %: Odyssey barley, Gyrup, harvest 2015, 2018 and 2019
Malt and SMOKE
64 %: Beechwood smoked malt
36 %: Pale malt
Smoke intensity: Light-medium
Water: Groundwater from Gyrup
YEAST: M1 Distillers Yeast
Fermentation time: 6-14 dage
Destillation unit: Müller 200 liter, Müller 500 liter og Müller 1000 liter
Destillation batch:
CASK 68: 1st fill 200 liter bourbon, Filled 08-12-2016
CASK 71: 1st fill 200 liter bourbon, Filled 18-01-2017
CASK 279: 1st fill 200 liter bourbon, Filled 12-03-2019
CASK 1259: 1st fill 200 liter bourbon, Filled 21-02-2019 (prev. 100 liter Bourbon)
CASK 1261: 1st fill 200 liter bourbon, Filled 23-05-2019 (prev. 100 liter Bourbon)
CASK 480: 1st fill 50 liter bourbon, Filled 14-09-2019
Type: Limited Edition
Markets: Denmark, Germany

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