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Become a co-owner of a unique Thy Whisky cask and create your own organic Danish single malt whisky. Join us when we fill the cask, follow its development, and enjoy the result with your own bottles of Thy Whisky when we bottle the cask after 5-6 years of aging.

For the first time, you now have the opportunity to buy a share in a Thy Whisky cask with Danish peat smoke. We have chosen bourbon quarter casks of 125 liters, which provide space for the smoke.

We fill 6 liters per share and expect 5-6 years of aging.

Share: 6 liter per share
ABV: 59,5 % vol
Expected maturation: 5-6 years
Filled: September 1st 2024
Expected bottling: 2029-2030
Grain: Laureate barley
Malt: Vildmose Peat Barley Malt
Cask: Bourbon Quarter Cask
Cask size: 125 liter

For the first time ever, we offer a peated cask share. Explore the danish peat with us as we age these bourbon casks for 5-6 years.

This share is for you lovers of the peated Islay-style of whisky out there. We expect 8 bottles per share.

We anticipate a smooth, sweet and aromatic whisky with notes of vanilla, honey, toffee, baking spices and a soft, earthy peated character,


The peat is sourced from St. Vildmose in northern Jutland and gives a classic peat smoke in the style of Scottish whisky but with its unique soft Danish touch.
The smoke intensity is nicely in the medium-soft range. We measured the smoke in the malt at 25-30 ppm (phenols).


The peated new make is filled into a couple of 'first fill' bourbon quarter casks of 125 liters. We expect the casks over 5-6 years to impart plenty of vanilla and light honey sweetness balanced by a bit of tannins from the oak. The cask's sweetness and the distillate's complexity are expected to give a somewhat classic bourbon cask-aged whisky, but with a characterful and moderate smoke intensity from the peat.

Cask owners events

Danish Cask share event relevant for this cask:
Filled:| september 1st 2024
2nd year:| september 5th 2027
4th year:| september 2nd 2029
5th year:| september 1st 2030

German Cask Owners Tour 2024:
Berlin: To Be Annouched
Hamburg: Sunday, November 24th
Mönchengladbach: Kult+Genuss, November 10th
...and annually as long as the cask matures.

Grain: Laureate Barley
Harvest: 2023
Grown at: Mark 2, Gyrup, Thy
Malt and smoke
100 %: Vildmose Peat Barley Malt
Smoke intensity: 25-30 ppm
Pot still: Müller 1000 liter at Thy Whisky
Methode: Single run destillation
Water and Fermentation
Water: Groundwater from Gyrup
Yeast: M1 Distillers Yeast
Fermentation: 4-6 days
Cask Type
Type: Bourbon Quarter Cask
Fill: 1st
Volume: 125 liter
Origin: Speyside Cooperage / Heaven Hill Distillery
6 liters per share

When the cask is ready, it is bottled. You will then receive your share of the bottles. You can either collect the bottles yourself or we can send them to you.

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