Online Tasting Box (31 May 2024)

Online Tasting Box (31 May 2024)

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This set celebrates the international release of our new product range of organic single estate whisky. Enjoy the samples as they are or stream the online tasting live 31 May 2024 or on demand later at our website.

This set includes 7 x 3 cl samples of Thy Whisky, a glass, pipette and 3 malt samples.

  • Allergens: Barley, Rye

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Sættet indeholder
SAMPLES: 7 x 3 cl Organic Whisky
GLAS: 1 Thy Whisky tasting glass
MALT: 3 malt samples
Language spoken: English
Live Broadcast: 31. maj 2024 kl. 20.00

Join our release tasting on May 31st at 8:00 PM.

Here, we will present our Core Expressions and Limited Editions & Single Casks.

The tasting will be conducted in English. Everyone can tune in, but it's more fun with a tasting set so you can join in the tasting too.

The tasting will take place online and will feature 7 different whiskies. In addition to the tree new Core Expressions, we will also taste an old favorite, an experiment with heritage wheat varieties, beechwood smoke from bourbon casks, and an intensive PX bottling at cask strength.

The set includes seven whisky samples, a tasting glass, a pipette, and three malt samples.

We're looking forward to it!

Marie, Jakob, Ellen, and Andreas Thy Whisky

Frequently asked questions

The entire tasting will be broadcast live on this page and on Facebook and YouTube. Everyone can participate. Friday, May 31st, 2024, from 8:00 to 10:00 PM. Along the way, you can ask questions or make comments about the tasting. It will happen live via Facebook and YouTube.

The finished releases we taste during the evening can be purchased on the webshop. On the evening, a new Limited Edition will also be released.

Yes, the online tasting is available afterwards on Facebok, Youtube and on this site.

Smagningen sendes live lige her fra denne side og på youtube. Den kan ses uden konto hos Facebook. Vil du kommentere og stille spørgsmål kræver det dog et login til Facebook eller Youtube.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or by phone at (+45)6989 9001.

Tasting programme

Sample 1:
No 23 - Hawboen
TYPE: Single malt whisky
CATEGORY: Limited Edition, Numbered-Series
GRAIN: Odyssey barley
MALT: Pale malt, beechwood smoked malt
cask: Bourbon

VOLUMN: 50 cl
ALCOHOL: 51,5 % vol
Sample 2:
TYPE: Single malt whisky
Category: Core Expression
Grain: Odyssey byg
MALT: Pale malt, beechwood smoked malt
Cask: Oloroso, PX, Bourbon

VOLUME: 70 cl
ALCOHOL: 48,0 % vol
Sample 3:
TYPE: Single malt whisky
Categori: Core Expression
Grain: Odyssey byg
MALT: Beechwood smoked
CASK: Oloroso, PX

VOLUME: 70 cl
ALCOHOL: 50,0 % vol
Sample 4:
TYPE: Malted Rye Whisky
Categori: Core Expression
KORN: Maltet rug, spelt og byg
FAD: New american oak
VOLUMEN: 70 cl
ALKOHOL: 48,5 % vol
Sample 5:
Heritage Wheat | CASK 376
TYPE: Wheat Whisky
CATEGORI: Single Cask, Cask Stregh
Grain: Emmer, spelt, ølandshvede, rug og byg.
CASK: New american oak
VOLUME: 70 cl
ALCOHOL: 50,0 % vol
Number: 78 stk
TYPE: Single malt whisky
Category: Single Cask, cask strengh
MALT: Beechwood smoked
Cask: Single Bourbon barrel
VOLUME: 70 cl
ALcOHOL: 58,9 % vol
Number: 192 stk
Sample 7:
TYPE: Single malt whisky
Category: Limited ediditon, cask strengh
GRAIN: Odyssey byg
MALT: Pale og bøgerøget malt
CASK: 1st fill PX
VOLUME: 70 cl
ALCOHOL: 58,3 % vol
NUMBER: 636 stk
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