Thy Whisky No. 20 - Maltmod

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Thy Whisky No. 20 - Maltmod is a single malt whisky shaped and created by experiments in our own malt house.

It is characterised by a rich and alluring aroma of caramel, which comes from experiments with dark 'caramel malts' that are rarely used in traditional whisky pro

  • Alcohol: 53.4% vol.

TYPE: Single malt
GRAIN: Odyssey barley
MALT: Pale malt, caramel malt and beechwood-smoked malt
CASK: Bourbon and oloroso
GROWN BY: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DISTILLED: 2018-2019
BOTTLED: November 2022
AGE: 3 years
Number of bottles: 1634 stk
VOLUME: 50 cl

The intense 'cara' new make has initially aged in 12 small bourbon octaves (50 litres), then larger bourbon casks and is finally blended with two oloroso casks, which then have been given time to gather in the barrels.

The result is whisky with great vanilla sweetness and intense burnt caramel with underlying fruity notes. On the nose are notes of leather and cedar with a faint hint of tobacco. The taste starts with sweet vanilla toffee, nougat and some pickled fruit and ends in burnt caramel with a touch of cloves and oak.

Certified organic

This whisky is made from 100% certified organic grains grown on our estate, Gyrup. Both the farm and the distillery are certified organic to ensure pure drinking water and good animal welfare.

A malt house for experiments

Before a whisky is distilled, the grain must be malted. In our custom-made drums, we germinate, smoke and dry our grain in small batches. Here, many of the aromas that characterise our whisky are produced.

The malt tastes very different depending on how we malt it. In this release we have used a high proportion of 'cara' malt with rich aromas of burnt caramel and dark berries.

The intense caramel malt

When we malt the 'cara' malt, we convert the starch of the grain into sugar, which is then roasted. This results in intense roasted and fruity notes that waft across the farm, when the drums are opened.

Caramel malts are less effective. They produce less alcohol than the lighter, more efficient malts, but in return they create flavours unlike any other whisky.

Some of what makes this whisky so special is

100 %: Odyssey barley
GROWN BY: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
HARVEST: 2017 and 2018
Malt and SMOKE
60 % Pale malt
30 %: Cara malt
10 %: Beechwood-smoked malt
Smoke intensity: Mild
WATER: Groundwater from Gyrup Estate
YEAST: M1 Distiller's Yeast
Fermentation time: 7-14 days
Distillation unit: 500 litre Müller
Distillation batch.: 2018 Thy Whisky.øko.220818
2018 Thy Whisky.øko.130918
2018 Thy Whisky.øko.250918
2018 Thy Whisky.øko.130918
CASK 781: 2nd fill 200 litres bourbon
Filled: 2 November 2018 (prev. 50 liter bourbon)
CASK 782: 2nd fill 120 litres bourbon
Filled 2 November 2018 (prev. 50 liter bourbon)
CASK 783: 2nd fill 120 litres bourbon
Filled: 2 November 2018 (prev. 50 liter bourbon)
CASK 784: 2nd fill 120 litres bourbon
Filled: 2 November 2018 (prev. 50 liter bourbon)
CASK 785: 1st fill 120 litres bourbon
Filled: 2 November 2018 (prev. 50 liter bourbon)
CASK 298: 1st fill 250 litres oloroso
Filled: 14 August 2019
CASK 350: 1st fill 50 litres oloroso
Filled: 21 November 2019
Type: Limited edition
Markets Denmark, Germany

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