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Spelt-Rye is our Nordic take on a rye whisky, made from three traditional Danish grains: rye, barley and spelt. All grown organically on our fields in Thy and malted in our malthouse.

It is a familiar yet untraditional ‘rye’ with a clear Nordic touch and a complex aroma and flavour. The ‘nose’ of this whisky reminds us of the beautiful endless expanses of flowering heather along the Danish North Sea coastline.


TYPE: Limited single grain
GRAIN: Rye, spelt and spring barley
MALT: Pale, rye, spelt
CASK: New American oak
GROWN BY: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DISTILLED: January 2020
Number of bottles: 450 stk
VOLUME: 50 cl
Spelt, Rye and new oak casks

The malted rye creates a richly flavoured, sweet and peppery ‘new make’ combined with light fruity, floral and earthy notes from the spelt. Spelt-Rye is matured in new oak casks made from American white oak, which adds honey sweetness, vanilla, warm spices and balanced tannins.

Certified organic

This whisky is made from 100% organic grain grown on our farm Gyrup. Both the farm and the distillery are certified organic to ensure clean drinking water and good animal welfare.

the spicy rye

In Denmark we love rye. Especially in our bread, we enjoy the spiced and rich taste of rye every day. Still, we do not have a great tradition of making spirits from our rye. We want to change that.

New American Oak

Our Spelt Rye is matured in new oak barrels, adding vanilla sweetness and spice from the fresh oak that pairs really well with the warm peppery sweetness from the rye.

Some of what makes this whisky so special is

60%: Rye, Gyrup, harvest 2019
10%: Spelt, Gyrup, harvest 2019
30%: Odyssey barley, Gyrup, harvest 2019
Malt and SMOKE
60 %: Rye malt
10 %: Spelt malt
30 %: Barley malt
Smoke intensity: none
WATER: Groundwater from Gyrup
YEAST: M1 Distillers Yeast
Distillation unit: Müller 1.000 litre
Distillation batch: 2019-22
CASK 362: 1st fill 120 liters new oak, Filled 15-01-2020
CASK 364: 1st fill 120 liters new oak, Filled 15-01-2020
CASK 370: 1st fill 120 liters new oak, Filled 15-01-2020
CASK 371: 1st fill 120 liters new oak, Filled 15-01-2020
CASK 373: 1st fill 120 liters new oak, Filled 15-01-2020
Type: Distillery Edition
Markets: Denmark, Germany

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