Protecting peat lands

We have peatland areas just next to the distillery.

Peatlands emit carbon to the atmosphere. It's a natural process, worsened when the areas are subject to drainage, as has been the costum for generations.

We aim to restore natural hydration on these lands, reducing carbon emissions and creating valuable habitats for wild life.

The danish smoke

Our main source of smoke is beechwood, following Danish smoke house tradition. A minor part of our smoke comes from our own peat.

While beechwood is a more sustainable source of smoke, it also delivers a warm, sweet, ashy, and meaty smoke, that we have come to love.


Supported by the Danish Ministry of Environment we are currently analyzing the possibilities to stop drainage of aproximately 15 hectares of peatland.

It is a complex project, because drainage has been an integrated part of the ecosystem for many years and we have to make sure that the changes we make - in the name of reducing carbon emissions - will do no harm to wildlife or the quality of the water in the neighboring river Tegå.