Organic farming and the secret of soils

We have been certified organic farmers for almost 30 years.

Organic farming is the cornerstone in our effort to sustain biodiversity on our lands and safekeep the precious ground water reserve beneath us.

Healthy soil is the key

Healthy soil has a huge capacity to store carbon.

We admit to regenerative farming principles using cover crops and crop rotation to build up a healthy soil. This way we also eliminate the need for pesticides and artificial fertilizer.

Our aim is - over time - to increase soil organic matter on our lands. Therefore we measure organic matter every 7th year.

Our nitrogen circle

We grow a wide range af grains for our whisky: Rye, spelt, oats, wheat and of course different varieties of barley. Barley has a rather high need of nitrogen to grow.

Our cows provide manure which brings nitrogen for the plant and builds up the general health in the soil. 

Crop rotation with clover grass builds up a natural reservoir of nitrogen in the soil. After years growing clover grass the field is fertile for growing a variety organic grains for whisky.