What we do on our farm should be contributing to the health of the ecosystems that we are part of – organic farming has an important role to play in this.

Balanced Land use

Maintaining a diverse land use ensures co-existence of grain farming and a thriving biodiversity.

Our lands covers a wide range of meadows, small forests, swamps, windswept grasslands and grain fields.

Grasslands provide feed for our cattle. Their leftovers serve as fertilizer for coming generations of grain, while being a wonderland for insects.

Nearest neighbouring wetlands

On 15 hectares just next to the distillery, birds, insects, and wildlife prosper, and the botanical variation is stunning. This area is NATURA 2000, protected by law.

Grazing cattle in these wetlands are making optimal conditions for a wide range of species and an thriving biodiversity.


Part of our farm is a 50 hectare area in the middle of Thy National Park. Just next to our property is a habitat for the protected Ensian Blue Butterfly.

Our goal is to make partnerships to protect and preserve this endangered species of butterflies and mitigate invasive species of the Mountain Beacon trees on our lands.