Tales: A new beginning

In 2010 we filled our first two casks.


In 2019 we opened our new distillery.


In 2024-2025 we expect another new beginning for Thy Whisky.


Our increase in production since 2019 means that the day will come when Thy Whisky is bottled in slightly larger volume and distributed more widely in Denmark and the rest of the world.


We are looking forward to it. But we do not want to rush it. We still have a few years to go before we can really start to bottle the new, larger vintages for our whiskies.


We would like to include you in the journey towards the new beginning. More on that later in this letter.


2019 was a new beginning

Our production has increased significantly since 2019. In 2022 we filled 263 barrels with 50,000 liters of new make.


So, does this mean that we will now start bottling much larger volumes of whisky?


Not quite. Whisky requires a lot of patience. We plan to store most of the new, larger vintages for some time yet. Many whiskies will eventually be a bit older than you are used to. We believe that this can improve the quality even further.


But we feel that our larger production should already benefit every one of you who get helped us get this far. Thus, new cask share owners and private cask owners are now getting 20 % more new make filled to their casks for the same price.


So, what will happen until 2024-2025?

Our first cask was bottled in January 2014 as our first bottle of single malt: "Thy Whisky No 1 - Kræn Klit". Since then, we have released 20 numbered bottlings of Thy Whisky.


The initial numbered series is our playground and test-lab. It contains bottlings from single casks and multiple casks, at cask strength and lower alcohol volumes, bottlings with many and few bottles. One-offs and repetitions. Heritage and modern grain varieties – and most recently our malt experiment Maltmod.


It has been the formative series for creating our distillery profile and sets the foundation for what Thy Whisky is today.


The series is not yet complete, but we are ready to reveal that Thy Whisky no 21-24 will be the last four bottles in the series. Thy Whisky no 24 will be bottled in 2024 – the 10th year anniversary of the first Thy Whisky.


After that, comes something new.


A new, new beginning

So, what is it going to be? Well, we haven't quite decided yet, although we have a bunch of ideas.


We have a strong community at our farm distillery in creating new whiskies and shaping our plans for the future. Both in our family and with the talented people working at our distillery.


But during 2023 we hope to extend the family circle a little. We want to share our thoughts about our future plans with you and invite you to help decide what 'your' whisky distillery in Thy should be for 'you' in the future.


We hope you will help us!


Would you like to join our new tasting panel?

As a first step, we would like to set up a new tasting panel, where you will lend us your taste buds and help us set the direction for future bottlings of Thy Whisky.


You can join by applying for the tasting panel on our website. It requires no special qualifications or expert knowledge. We want the panel to be as widely represented as possible. It takes place online, so geography is not an issue.



 With wishes for a happy new year 
Marie, Ellen, Andreas and Jakob


This post marks the beginning of a new series of letters for our followers in 2023-2024 on our path to ‘a new beginning’. We hope that you would like to follow. Feel free to share it with a friend ;-)

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