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Join our online tasting directly from the distillery in Thy, as we serve cask samples directly from our cask stock.

We will host the tasting on May 26 at 20:30. The tasting will be held in English. Everyone can participate, but it is most fun with a tasting kit so you can taste along.


DATE: May 26, 2023 at 20-22
SAMPLES: 7 x 3 cl organic whisky and spirits
GLASS: 1 Thy Whisky Nosing glass
MALT: 3 malt samples

It is becoming a tradition that we invite everyone to an Online Whisky Tasting on 29 December in Danish, and this year is no exception.

We will be tasting seven different samples - in addition to our latest bottlings, samples which in their own way shape the future of Thy Whisky.

We will taste an 8-year-old bourbon cask, something as rare as a real peated Thy Whisky. Finally, we have to taste how our tasting panel thinks "a Thy" should taste.

We are looking forward to it

Jakob, Marie, Andreas and Ellen
Thy Whisky

TAsting programme

Thy Whisky - SPELT-RYE

Rug-, byg- og spelt malt
Nye amerikanske egetræsfade
48,5% vol.


Pale malt og bøgerøget malt af Odyssey byg
Bourbon, oloroso og PX sherry fade
47,0% vol.


Thy Whisky No 23 - HAWBOEN

Bøgerøget malt og pale malt af Odyssey byg
Bourbon fade
51,5% vol.

Sample: Cask 52 - 8 år

Pale malt af Propino byg
Bourbon fad
59,0% vol.


Thy Whisky No 22 - BØG-PX

Bøgerøget malt af Odyssey byg
PX- og oloroso sherry fade
57,4% vol.

Sample: Cask 697 - PEATED, 2 år

Peated malt af Odyssey byg
Bourbon fad
62,5 % vol.



Heritage malt af Imperial byg
Bourbon og 2nd fill oloroso fade
59,0 % vol.

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